Division of Psychology and Pedagogy

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20307 Narva linn,
Katrin Helendi
Junior Lecturer in Early Years Education
MA (Early Years Teacher)
Raekoja plats 2 – 203
Anu Leuska
Anu Leuska
Junior Lecturer in Pedagogy and Psychology
MSc (Psychology)
Raekoja plats 2–203
Lehte Tuuling
Lehte Tuuling
Junior Lecturer in Early Childhood Pedagogy
+372 740 1928
Raekoja plats 2-203
Katrin Saluvee
Junior Lecturer in Pre-school Education, Programme Director
MA (Early Childhood Education)
BA Early Years Teacher in Multilingual Learning Environment
Kristina Kallas
Kristina Kallas
Research Fellow in Multilingual Education 0.2 p
PhD (Political Science)