Address by the Rector: Act responsibly!

Six tenants of UT residence hall confirmed to have coronavirus. In connection with this we publish the address of the Rector of the University of Tartu in both text and video.

Today we have received alarming news both for the University of Tartu and the entire Estonia. Students of the University of Tartu, who are tenants of the residence hall in Raatuse street, have been infected with coronavirus.

This case vividly demonstrates how important it is to comply with restrictions imposed during the emergency situation, and what the consequences are if the rules are not observed. The University of Tartu has other residence halls, too, and I urge all students to do everything in your power to avoid becoming carriers and transmitters of the virus.

Please avoid social contacts. Viruses do not travel on their own, they are transported by people. Therefore – the less people move around, the less viruses spread.

Dear students, whose home is the residence hall at Raatuse 22!

The upcoming weeks will be complicated for you and no doubt, staying in isolation will be very hard. To ensure that this period passes as quickly as possible, it is important that every one of you follows official instructions given to you. It is also important that you monitor your health and and immediately give notice if you develop any symptoms of the virus disease. The University of Tartu, the city of Tartu and national agencies work to ensure that you will have food and necessary services during the isolation.

Let us all act responsibly and do our very best to be able to get to the end of this extraordinary situation as soon as possible.