Granö lecture on comparison of living standards between Estonia and Finland

Professor of Finnish history at Turku University Timo Myllyntaus will hold a public lecture entitled "A gap, a step or a subtle difference? Comparison of living standards between Estonia and Finland, 1900–1939" on Thursday the 3rd of December at 10:15 in Jakobi 2-230.

The Estonians and Finns are not only close neighbours, but surprisingly many similarities have been characteristic of their history. Nevertheless, public discussion has frequently been focused on differences between these nations. During the past decades on the both sides of the Gulf of Finland, a lot of attention has been paid on comparing living standards of these nations. The lecture examines standards of living in one of the most debated periods, during four decades before the Second World War when both nations experienced substantial societal upheavals but also periods of economic development.

The lecture series was named after the geography professor Johannes Gabriel Granö, who was a professor at Tartu University from 1919-1923. The aim of the Granö lectures is to create new ties between Estonian and Finnish scientists. Lectures and seminars are organized by the Finnish Institute in cooperation with the University of Turku, the University of Tartu and the Granö Center.

The lecture will be held in English.

Everybody is welcome to attend!

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