May is orienteering month at the university

Throughout May, the university invites all employees, students, alumni and their families to orienteering in the city of Tartu. The spring orienteering course, compiled by the university museum, focuses on places related to sports and recreation. Did you know that according to architect Krause’s initial floor plans there was supposed to be a fencing hall on the ground floor of the main building? If not, come orienteering and find out other exciting sports-related facts about the university.

Ken Ird, Curator of the UT Museum, designed the orienteering course based on both historical and modern sites where students and university staff have done exercise and sports since the early 19th century. “I hope that some points come as a surprise to the participants and show the city from a new and interesting angle. And it is always nice to introduce the exciting history of our alma mater to the university family,” said Ird.

The orienteering course with 20 points is feasible for everyone – points can be visited in order of your convenience and no time will be taken. Completing the entire course at a leisurely pace should take about an hour and a half. If you cannot complete the entire course at once, you can go looking for unexplored checkpoints at the appropriate time during the entire month. You will need a smartphone, a map and a good mood to complete the course.

In the last week of April, we will publish the map of the orienteering course and share more detailed information about how the orienteering will take place this time. Keep an eye on the event information on the intranet.

Further information: Sirli Urbas, Univesity of Tartu Staff Training Specialist, 737