More detailed guidelines for organisation of studies

After having received the regulation of the government of Estonia, and discussing with the Rector’s Office the exceptional situations in which it is very difficult to apply distance learning, we now add more detailed information to the message sent on Wednesday. These guidelines will be in force until the beginning of the spring semester.

  • In December, practical classes may take place in small groups, if inevitable. We are not sure, however, whether they can be held in January. We want to avoid the situation where students who have returned home all over Estonia must repeatedly travel to Tartu.
  • If at all possible, exams and pass/fail exams will take place online. In justified exceptional cases, an exam may be held in the classroom. In this case, the lecturer coordinates with the programme director whether it is justified to have an exam or pass/fail evaluation in the classroom. The final decision will be made by the vice dean for academic affairs.
  • Lecturers try not to change the times of exams and pass/fail exams. If it is necessary to postpone an exam or pass/fail exam to conduct it online (no more than until the beginning of the spring semester), it must be done no later than five days before the day of the exam.
  • The lecturer may change the assessment methods and criteria of a course only in case no exams or pass/fail exams have taken place yet in the course. The lecturer responsible for the course will coordinate these changes with the programme director. If some students have already taken the exam or pass/fail exam in the classroom, other students may take the same exam or pass/fail exam online.
  • All changes are immediately communicated to students and made available in the SIS.
  • In case of physical gathering, participants must strictly follow distancing measures and wear masks both during practical classes, exams and pass/fail exams, as well as during entering and leaving the building.
  • Similarly to degree studies, no face-to-face classes are conducted in continuing education until the beginning of the spring semester.

Further information: Aune Valk, Univeristy of Tartu Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, 526 7930,