Online learning continues until the end of the academic year

Despite the government’s decision to allow face-to-face studies also in higher education starting from 17 May, the university continues work as previously planned. Decisions about the organisation of studies continue to be made by the head of institute in cooperation with the vice dean for academic affairs.

The only change is that the requirement not to exceed 25% room capacity has been lifted. The allowed percentage of room capacity is to be decided by the head of institute.

Practical classes and exams may be held in the classroom if good ventilation is ensured and people wear masks. Up to 20 people may gather in one room. Students must be informed of any changes in the organisation of studies at the earliest opportunity.

Face-to-face teaching of continuing education courses is not allowed until 30 May. The university has sent a proposal to the state secretary to change this and allow limited face-to-face teaching of continuing education courses earlier. We will keep you updated on any new decisions.

Further information: Aune Valk, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, University of Tartu, 526 7930,