Teaching and studies in April

Studies will continue largely online and classroom studies should be kept to a minimum in April

As the epidemiological situation in Estonia is very serious and the Estonian government has imposed additional restrictions on educational institutions, the University of Tartu will continue with similar organisation of studies as in March.

Pursuant to the Directive of the Government, from 11 March to 11 April, students may come to study buildings only if they require educational support services or consultations to achieve learning outcomes, do practical training, take exams or tests.

At the University of Tartu, the restrictions imposed on studies will be in force until the end of April. This means that
• all lectures and seminars are held online;
• practical classes, exams and tests can be organised in class with good reasons only. In the room, good ventilation and distance between people must be ensured and masks must be worn. During exams and tests, the room may filled be up to 25% of its full seated capacity, and no more than 20 people may gather in one room.

The decision on extraordinary permission to conduct classroom studies is made by the head of institute or college in coordination with the vice dean for academic affairs. Please consider the grant of such exceptions critically.

The structural unit who manages the curriculum informs the students in more detail about the organisation of teaching and learning in the curriculum in April on 25 March at the latest. By the same date, information on the method of teaching must be entered for each course in the study information system.

The University of Tartu Library will be closed until 11 April. Books can still be returned and borrowed for use at home, and digital services can be used.

According to current information, vaccinations are expected to influence the number of infections at the end of April or beginning of May, when people who are vaccinated have had their second dose. This is why it is even more important for each member of the university to behave responsibly to contribute through their choices to curbing the spread of the virus.

Aune Valk
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs