University extends online learning until end of semester; practical studies resume as of 18 May, only in small groups and if absolutely inevitable

Teaching and studies at the university continue in online environments until the end of semester. To minimise the movement of students, we ask that all exams and pass/fail assessments be conducted online.

If online classes are not enough for students to pass the course, face-to-face sessions are planned. In planning face-to-face learning, the following should be kept in mind:

  • people with virus symptoms will not participate in the classes, and the terms for completing the course should be agreed with them individually;
  • up to 10 people may be in a room at the same time;
  • wearing a face mask is recommended and having a mask is everyone’s own responsibility. If it is necessary to make face masks compulsory in a course, the organiser of studies ensures the availability of masks;
  • the organiser of studies must ensure that the hand sanitiser is available for use, and if possible, that the rooms are aired;
  • face-to-face classes should be organised in as compact manner as possible (five days a week, from morning to evening), so as to limit the students’ need to travel within Estonia;
  • students should not gather in corridors and they should be able to keep two-metre distance from each other;
  • information about the courses in which face-to-face classes take place, and when and where they take place, must be sent to course participants with sufficient notice.

Students have the opportunity to resume their contract with the halls of residence. To this end, they need to contact the Student Village.

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