UT professor emeritus received national research award

One of the two 40 000 euro research awards for outstanding lifetime achievements in research and development was given to Professor Emeritus Ülo Lepik of the UT Faculty of Science and Technology. Several UT researchers received the 20 000 euro award for best research work.

Academician Ülo Lepik is a mechanics researcher and professor emeritus at the University of Tartu. He is a living example of longevity in research—this year marks 68 years of research work experience, which includes the role of pioneer in plasticity theory and optimisation of construction elements. It is greatly thanks to Ülo Lepik that Estonian mechanics research stayed on the map on both sides of the Iron Curtain and is so currently all around the world.

The second 40 000 euro research award was given to Professor Raimund-Johannes Ubar of the Department of Computer Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology.

In addition to the nominees of the national research award, the receivers of the 20 000 euro awards to highlight the best research work completed and published during the previous four years in specific fields of research were announced.

Among eight award winners, the following UT researchers were acknowledged:

In medical science, Professor of Pathophysiology Sulev Kõks and Professor of Dermatology and Venereology Külli Kingo received the awards.

The award in geology and biology went to the collective body of the Chair of Plant Ecology, which includes head of the group Professor of Plant Ecology and Academician Martin Zobel, Research Fellow in Ecology John Davison and Senior Research Fellows in Plant Ecology Mari Moora and Maarja Öpik.

Associate Professor of Plant Ecophysiology Arne Sellin received the award in agricultural science.

Professor of Estonian Contemporary History and Academician Tõnu Tannberg was acknowledged in the field of humanities. 

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