Tartu Ülikool

UT students and staff can take courses on the popular learning platform Coursera

Until October 2022, all UT members can take one free Coursera course. Students can also use it towards the completion of their curriculum if they wish.  

Coursera is an online learning platform offering courses by over 200 universities and companies worldwide. By entering the platform with the UT user account, UT members can choose from more than 200 future skills courses on various topics, such as digital literacy, data analysis, creativity and learning, career planning and development, personal development, environmental management, diversity and gender equality, and entrepreneurship.

All UT members can take one course of their choice per year and will be awarded a certificate. The course may be started at a time convenient to the person and must be completed independently. Coursera also offers the possibility to complete an unlimited number of smaller projects. 

Students who want to transfer a course completed on Coursera to their curriculum by RPL must submit a study plan before the course. The university does not recommend transferring courses of a very low volume.   

The Coursera learning platform can be accessed with the UT user account. The e-learner's handbook contains information on how to transfer courses completed on Coursera to one's curriculum, the terms of use and how to log in to the learning platform. 


Registration for the spring semester's micro-credential programmes ends this week