Support Staff

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71004 Viljandi linn,
Marge Robam
Formal Education Coordinator
MA (Art Teacher)
Specialist in Academic Affairs of MA ''Creative project management''
+372 5300 2207
Liana Roos
Coordinator of Science Activities 0.5 p
MA (Adult Education)
Marek Mühlberg
Manager of Business Incubator, Programme Director of Management of Creative Projects
MBA (Entrepreneurship and Technology Management)
Piret Talur
Programme Director of Community Education and Hobby Activity 0.5 p
MA (Social Work)
+372 5422 0542
Krista Tamm
International Relations Specialist
+372 5300 2782 (2782)
Eero Ehala
Specialist in Stage Technology and Prop-Making
+372 5346 5213