Sofi Oksaneni foto: Toni Härkonen

An Evening Discussion with Renowned Author Sofi Oksanen on 23 April

On Tuesday, April 23rd at 4.15 PM at Ülikooli 16-212, acclaimed writer Sofi Oksanen will give a stage talk. Oksanen is one of the most translated contemporary authors in Scandinavian literature and a prominent social commentator. The stage talk will be lead by literary scholar Leena Käosaar. 

The event will be held in English. Everybody is welcome to join!

In her latest book, “Same river twice – Putin’s war on women“, Oksanen examines the war of aggression in Ukraine in the light of Russian imperialism and history, analyzing the reasons why Moscow's interest lies in silencing women, both in its own country and elsewhere. Russia's war in Ukraine is also a war against gender equality. The author's straightforward approach addresses the issue through facts, without allowing attention to be diverted.

Sofi Oksanen was born in 1977 in Jyväskylä, to an Estonian mother and a Finnish father. She studied literature at the University of Helsinki and dramaturgy at the Helsinki Theatre Academy. She is one of the most translated contemporary authors in Scandinavian literature and one of the most prominent social commentators. Oksanen has received numerous awards, including the Finlandia Prize and the Nordic Council Literature Prize. In 2023, she was awarded the Estonian Foreign Ministry’s Cross of Merit, Second Class.

Called a „literary phenomenon“ by The Times, Oksanen has since her international breaktrough novel „Purge“ proved time and again that she is a mistress of human drama, incrporationg historical and contemporary issuas that move the reader.

Books by Sofi Oksanen will be available for purchase at the event.

Sofi Oksaneni foto: Toni Härkonen, plakat: Triinu Rosenberg


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