Let’s clean up digital trash!

The Digital Cleanup Week starts at the university on 25 January. Its goal is to declutter your digital life and delete all information that has become unnecessary over time. The Digital Cleanup Week ends on 29 January, the nationwide Digital Cleanup Day.

The University of Tartu wants to set an example by the environmentally aware conduct in its operations. Striving for environmental organisational culture is a goal, which the university has expressed in its new strategic plan and towards which every one of us can move in small steps every day.

During the Digital Cleanup Week, taking place 25–29 January, everyone can make a contribution to reducing their carbon footprint by deleting from their devices old files, data, documents, etc. that have become digital trash over time. For example, an average email account user sends so many emails in a year that its impact on the environment equals to that of driving more than 300 km by car.

During the Digital Cleanup Week, we share information and guidance to university members, why and how to delete digital trash, and exciting facts about the digital content of the university.

Let’s clean the university of digital trash and set an example with our environmentally friendly conduct!

Further information: Imre Lall, Head of IT Infrastructure Service, University of Tartu, 737 5381, imre.lall@ut.ee