Register for courses in the soon-to-be-opened Centre for Arts

On 4 September 2017, Viljandi Culture Academy opens the Centre for Arts in Tartu, in which more than 35 arts courses are offered for all students, teaching staff members and employees of the University of Tartu, enabling them to acquire new knowledge and skills and fully develop their creativity.

Students can take optional courses to study music, painting, photography, dancing, acting, drawing, crafts and a lot more. As verbal communication is often of secondary importance in arts education, and information can be exchanged in other ways, most of the courses are also suitable for international students and lecturers. Nearly all the courses are also available for continuing education learners.

Students can register for the courses in the study information system (SIS), and UT employees with the help of the academic affairs specialist (maarja.nommik [ät], 737 5669). 

To introduce the creative work of the UT teaching staff, students and alumni of the field of arts to a wider audience, a small gallery shop will also be opened in the Old Anatomical Theatre, where the centre is located.

Further information is available on the Centre’s website at and in Facebook

Additional information: Margot Must, Coordinator of the Centre for Arts, margot.must [ät]